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Efficient onboarding is a key activity in any organization, but when those new people are needed to support the delivery of life-saving care, a swift and error-free process takes on a whole new level of importance.

From clinicians to support staff, front-line medical teams need new talent in position at the right time, without delay. With the backdrop of a pandemic and staffing shortages causing havoc across the healthcare industry, timely onboarding becomes even more essential as health authorities look to provide immediate, outstanding care. 

With a massive workload onboarding and offboarding medical and clerical staff, Interior Health wanted to transform slow manual processes through robotic process automation (RPA) to meet this goal. This would support more efficient healthcare delivery within their regional network as well as give the Identity & Access Management (IAM) team time back to focus on enabling the vast IH workforce in other key areas.

“It’s been absolutely amazing. We’ve had such a good experience with Reveal Group […] Everything from 
project management to weekly check-in and reporting 
to actual delivery of a process that works extremely 
well. Five stars across the board"

Morgan Jones, Manager of customer experience and identity & access management, Interior health

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